“Oi! The Antidote” 2xLP compilation (feat. Kong Kong)

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“Oi! The Antidote” 2xLP compilation (feat. Kong Kong)

Massive 21 track international compilation by Crossbar Records. This gatefold double LP includes bands like Kong Kong, Mess, Bromure, Squelette, Antagonizers ATL and many more (Crossbar Records CBR001).

Black or Green vinyl.

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Hard Evidence - Sweet Revenge
Abrovink - Our Legacy
Himnos - Hedor A Muerte
Squelette - Narcisse
Weekend Kids - The Life We Chose
Kong Kong - Down with Me
The Clinch - The Chariot
Iena - La Morte Chiama
Brux - Guerra Mental
Athena - I Am
Sharp/Shock - Last Xmas I Pissed In Your Petrol Tank
Bromure - Catacombes
Mess - FTW
Rise Up - Outcast
Nö Class - Long Cloud
All Worked Up - Carry On
Défonce - Portes De L'Enfer
La Cruz - Generaciones Perdidas
NO-HEADS - Future
Savage Beat - League Of Fools
Antagonizers ATL - Kings